The renowned Hello World article. Yes, we dared to do one. We are excited and fascinated by the opportunity that we have. NonPartisan Spoonful begins with the right approach. We a have a team of dedicated friends who are helping in launching this mighty endeavor. The Social media, the pages and sound systems are not at the level of corporate equipment and technology, but we certainly have the heart in the place place, and the right mindset to offer a unique experience.

Why another podcast?
Most will claim originality. We want to go beyond that. resilience is the word that defines the collective mindset of this bunch. Everyone in this group has faced tremendous setbacks to be where they are. Everyone in this group has succeeded in different environments. Undoubtedly, it will not be a simple routine, but you can bet your last coin we will adapt.

This has to work! Nonpartisan Spoonful’s objective is to inform you, and to allow you to understand different world views. It would be a simple task to upset you so that you click on the follow me button, but that’s not who we are. Our objective is to make you think, to make you analyze your point of view so that you can grow. We believe that what we offer is far superior than other shallow media outlets and podcasts.

We also believe that there are really critical issues the rest of the media outlets are not covering. They will cover news and affairs only if it follows an agenda.

We are hopeful that what we will offer to you is valuable, and educational.

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